Three Design Ideas for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Before you plan a small bathroom remodel, think about what you hope to accomplish with your bathroom design. Chances are that the bathroom is dated, and it may feel cramped and somewhat claustrophobic. The right bathroom design can not only give your small bath the contemporary style you crave, but also make it feel more spacious. Here are three bathroom design ideas to accomplish both.
1. Replace the tub with a space-saving shower. If possible, install the new shower where the shower head for the tub is so that you don’t have to reroute the plumbing. This will save both time and money. A curved-front, corner shower can be an excellent choice in a small space. There are numerous shower designs available for every budget, so be sure to do your homework before making a selection.

One example of a curved-front shower that is both stylish and practical is the Maax Breeze Two Piece Round Corner Shower with Roof Cap at This shower comes in white, biscuit and bone and has many features that can be customized to suit individual tastes.

2. When remodeling your small bath, open it up with a pedestal sink. There are many pedestal sink designs on the market, so look around before making your choice.

One disadvantage of most pedestal sinks is that they have relatively little space around the basin where you can set items down. A pedestal sink option with more space than most, as well as chrome towel racks integrated into the design, is the Porcher Sapho Pedestal Lavatory Set at Sink. This French-made sink is utilitarian and practical, while its contemporary design will bring even the most outdated bathroom into the 21th century with style.

Since there is no cabinet space beneath a pedestal sink, consider installing a mirror above it with cabinets or shelves on either side to offset the loss of storage space below.

3. Install tile on the floor in your small bath to finish it with style. Your choice of tile will depend on your budget and how much the bathroom will be used. If it is a master bath that is used every day, the durability of the tile is more important than it is in a basement bath that is infrequently used. Ceramic tile comes in a wide range of choices and is economic, porcelain is more expensive and more durable, and natural stone is the most durable of all.

When choosing tile (and paint) colors for your small bathroom design, avoid dark hues, which will make the space feel even more claustrophobic. Whites, pastels and natural, light earth tones all work well in a small bath. The selection of tiles on the market today is enormous, so it is a good idea to talk to a professional who can discuss the pros and cons of various materials and brands before you make a choice.