Three Clever New Room Design Ideas

I just saw this on our local news program as a special report, and I thought it was the coolest idea. We’ve all heard of the “man cave”, which is a room that men like to call their own in order to hang out with their friends, drink beer, play pool, and lord knows what else they like to do. Well this report featured a lady who took ownership of a room in their house and called it her “femme cave”. And it was a fabulous room indeed. Let me tell you what she had in there.

This woman had three things she liked to do – sewing, yoga and reading. Her “femme cave” was located in their basement and she painted it and decorated it with decidedly feminine touches. In one area, she had her sewing section. There was a long table that was large enough for her sewing machine, as well as a surface for laying out and cutting fabric. To the right of it, along the wall was floor to ceiling wood shelves that held her fabrics and sewing notions. It was so colorful with all the many fabrics and threads. It made it a cheerful space.

Another area was her reading space. That consisted of just a big comfy chair and a floor lamp right next to it. A smaller shelf was against that wall with a few books on there. It wasn’t a huge library, just a small section to hold a few books she was intending to read next. The comfy chair also had an ottoman to prop up her feet and a soft, warm-looking afghan laying across the back of the chair. It was an inviting spot. It made me want to go grab the next Danielle Steel book and curl up on that chair.

The yoga area consisted of just a pretty area rug. A small table was in the corner with a couple of candles, which I am guessing were for setting a serene mood.

I’m sure this report inspired a lot of women to think about what kind of spaces they would create in a femme cave of their own.


No, it’s not a fashion design place. It’s simply a room that takes care of our clothes. Let me explain.

I’m starting to see these rooms on some of the house shows on HGTV. Remember when builders started putting the laundry facilities upstairs in houses near the bedrooms – where they, of course, belong? That was a brilliant idea. Well the clothing workroom is a variation of that.

Lots of homes have that very small bedroom, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to use it for a clothing workroom, here is what you can have in there. One of the clothing workrooms I saw had a washer and dryer in the closet behind louvered doors. In the room itself, was a table with a sewing machine on it for repairs, with a sewing basket on a shelf on the wall behind it, a large folding plastic table for folding laundry, and finally an ironing board which was one of those attached to the wall that you can fold down in order to use it. That way it didn’t take up any space in the room when not in use. There was also a small hanging clothes rack which would be good for using after you finished ironing something.

In other words, this room functioned as a total clothing workroom where everything could be taken care of in one spot. I could envision this as being an essential room in the house if you can spare the extra room.


A friend of mine once created this room and it was such a great idea, that I wanted to include it here.

She did the most beautiful original crafts and creations, and this particular room was just for displaying those pieces she made. She took a tiny room that was meant to be a mud room between the garage and the house. She painted everything white, with white lace curtains hanging on the small window, which created a very pretty area.

With just some simple white plastic shelves from Walmart, she displayed her things with price tags on them. Whenever any members of her family or friends needed a unique gift, or if they were just in the mood to brighten up their house a bit, a visit to my friend’s tiny craft shop was the place to go. She made sure to keep things in there updated with seasonal items, as well as new designs to keep people interested and coming back often to see what was new.

It’s interesting to see all the various hobbies and interests we have, since we are all such unique individuals with varying tastes, likes and dislikes. And the different spaces in our homes and how we use them seem to reflect that. Why not think of a creative use for a small room or section of your house that is not being used at the moment. Maybe you can carve out your own little haven.