Famous Designers: Who Were Magnus Poulsson and Arnstein Arneberg?

Magnus Poulsson worked on Oslo City Hall together with another Norwegian architect, Arnstein Arneberg. Their lives connected with this project and, while both Poulsson and Arneberg can attribute most of their fame to their work on Oslo City Hall, they are both famous for some of their other works, as well.

The Life and Career of Magnus Poulsson
Born July 14, 1881, Magnus Poulsson was a Norwegian architect whose work included private residences, office buildings, churches, and the interiors of buildings, as well. Upon finishing high school, Poulsson went to the famous Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam at sixteen years old and later started his own interior design shop. He married ex-model Monique des Bouvrie and had two kids. Magnus Poulsson is most famous for his work at Oslo City Hall, but he is also famous for Bærum Rådhus, or Bærum City Hall.

The Life and Career of Arnstein Arneberg
Arnstein Arneberg was born in 1882 and educated as an apprentice of Alfred Christina Dahl in Christiania from 1888 to 1900. He also studied at the Royal Drafting School with Herman Schirmer, as well as with various other architects. Arneberg’s work consisted of an array of residences, offices, churches, railroad stations, and interiors. He is also most famous for his work on Oslo City Hall with Magnus Poulsson, but he is also known for Skaugum, the official residence of the crown prince and crown princess of Norway.

How They Connected: Oslo City Hall
Situated in central downtown Oslo, construction of its City Hall started in 1931, but it paused during World War II. The building houses the city council, city administration, art studios, and galleries. Due to its architecture and artworks, as well as the Nobel Peace Prize ceremondy, the Oslo City Hall is one of Oslo’s most famous buildings.

The lives of Magnus Poulsson and Arnstein Arneberg connected with just one project; both Poulsson and Arneberg can attribute most of their fame to their work on Oslo City Hall. They both, however, are famous for some of their separate works, as well.