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Sunday, September 6th, 2009

StubbyWhen I visited my family in Albuquerque, I went through some old family stuff and found, to my delight, this ancient crayon drawing I made of my first dog Stubby.  She was a Poodle/Scottie mix and I chose her out of a litter of pups when I was 9 years old, after which I made this sketch.  She had been lying asleep on my bed in the sunshine.   (I later got a prize for the drawing in school, which I was quite proud of.)

Stubby was a darling little thing and became a fast buddy to me, my sister and brother, and of course  my mother in particular.  After all, Stubby spent more time with my mother – while we were in school – than we did when we were at home.

Nevertheless, I was quite happy that I chose her for my family.

Here is the entire gang when we were oh so very young…

1964 Santa Ana with Stubby.2Stubby was extremely particular.  When she was old enough, it was decided that she would be bred to a Scottie to produce a litter of pups.  She’d have nothing to do with the male dog chosen for the task.  And yet, a couple years later, she fell head over paws for a roguish Beagle that roamed the neighborhood.  That was not a planned mating, and the resultant pups were anything but cute.  Well, a few of them turned out OK, but one in particular was quite homely.  She had a nearly smooth Beagle coat with dark Scottie  coloring.  But then she had these weird wisps of long hair that stuck out all over the place.  It was as if the poodle genes had been fighting the Beagle genes and neither side won.  We called her Grizelda.  She was the last pup to find a home, but we found one eventually – to an elderly, rather eccentric woman who doted on her in breathless accolades about Grizelda’s many sterling qualities.

Stubby was a loyal and fierce protector of the family and was with us through thick and thin, tolerating and accepting all the various other animal additions to the family, including cats!

1969 Yuma and Stubby CatWe were fortunate to have had her in our young lives,  and still miss her now and then.