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Life is Good

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

I haven’t made an update on Steve in quite awhile, but things are going very well.  There hasn’t been a lot to report as progress has been very slow but very steady.

It seems to me that Steve now considers himself part of the flock and has his routine, which he treasures.  The other night, I thought to give him some OJ before supper (outside of the routine), as I was trying to get him to take his Metacam before he lost his appetite.  He looked at me with surprise, bobbed his head several times as if to instruct me, “SEEDS come first, not OJ!”  He did not take his OJ but waited for the routine to resume.

Since Steve still isn’t very active – though now he moves freely and comfortably all around his cage – I don’t give him too many fattening items.  But a few seeds and the equivalent of one nut gives him great pleasure and he looks forward to it eagerly.  Most of his diet is comprised of Harrison’s High Potency pellets and a kabob full of raw veggies and fruits.

Every night, Steve comes out now onto his ledge outside of his food hatch and waits for head rubs and scratches.  He loves this so much that he allows me to kiss his head, even letting me keep my face close to his face at times.

Steve has begun whistling in earnest, trying various 3-4 note arpeggios and “charge” whistles.   He has stopped “ooohing” over food, for some reason – maybe he’s finally gotten used to whatever I might give him, so no surprises that elicit song anymore??   So I whistle back at him and we go at it.

I have not begun stick training yet.  I want to get him comfortable with coming out of his cage more and have plans for a stand that I can wheel close to his open door so that he can easily come out without injuring the wound under one wing that keeps tearing with very little provocation.

All in all, though, I think Steve is happy and that’s all that matters.  The rest will come in time.