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Off to the Vet Again…

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Here are the two little birdie troopers who went to see their avian vet today – just for beak and nail trims. They are waiting on the reception desk counter in their Wingabagos for me to pay the bill, watching with interest the Dalmation dog and the 3-month old kitten that just arrived. The dog had just pooped out of nervousness inside the office door, and the cat was clawing its way out of its temporary holding bag. Normal vet chaos, but for once my charges were quiet and calm.

However, Sam was not so quiet a few minutes earlier! He needs a beak trim about every 2 months, as his beak grows fast. It is his least favorite activity, so while trussed in a towel, he screamed bloody murder and nearly bit the vet in a few seconds of relative and deceptive quiet, when the doc thought Sam had relaxed. (Pippin, on the other hand, was a model of demure and dignified behavior…)

Sam does not choose to chew holes in wood, as many parrots do. He love to chew wood, but held in his foot and not for foraging. Therefore, he does not wear down his beak well. So I have to bring him in for trimming. I’ve tried many things to get him to chew harder wood to get at treats, but nothing going for him so far. The doc suggested I try sticking treats into softer wood, like balsa, after removing his food so that he’s a bit hungry. I’ll give that a try.

And so the first day of spring was not celebrated as Sam would have chosen!