We’re Going to Fly South This Fall…

Yes, my flock and Bun Rab will be “flying” south this fall to a  new home in New Mexico!  I will be very happy to be living next door to my mother and sister, who are waiting for my arrival with great anticipation.

It’s a big move – I’ve been at my present location in Oregon for the last 10 years – but I eagerly look forward to a new beginning.  They are always challenging but usually rich with many benefits and blessings.

Chipper is a veteran traveler, having made the trip to New Mexico once before (but ended up only visiting).  Sam has made a trip to California.  Steve is also a veteran traveler when he flew with me two years ago by Southwest Airlines from his foster home to Oregon.  Charlie is Oregon-born and never gone further than 10 miles anywhere.  But as long as he’s next to Chipper, he won’t mind the trip.  The two cockatiels will have a lot of fun.

My greatest worry has been how to shoehorn Steve from his cage to which he is inextricably bound by his phobia of being outside his cage.  But I think I came up with a solution:  getting him used to his travel cage gradually by making it a “sun porch” off his main cage via his food hatch.  With the lure of a pecan in the shell, he easily comes and goes now between his cage and his travel cage, as you can see from this shot:

Steve sampling goodies in his travel cage

It is a morning ritual now that Steve comes to visit his travel cage for his breakfast goodies:  apple, a bit of home made mash, etc.

So Steve and Sam will accompany me in the front passenger seat, and the cockatiels and Bun Rab in the back seat.  It should prove to be quite an adventure!

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6 Responses to “We’re Going to Fly South This Fall…”

  1. Marguerite Floyd Says:

    Wonderful news! Especially how cleverly you’re conditioning Steve to the travel cage.

    Have a wonderful trip and a wonderful move and a most wonderful life!!!!

  2. D. R. Newman Says:

    Well I hope you are ready for the heat .
    Should be quite a trip . Noisy to be sure .
    Please drive safe .
    Pipin will be watching over you .

  3. Dana Says:

    I have been waiting to see how the move went . Angle wants to here about chipper and I want to hear about Steve

  4. Shannon Ryan Says:

    At long last, I’m back to the blogosphere. More later…

  5. Shannon Ryan Says:

    Yes, Pippin really was watching over us. It was noisy only at the beginning, but once everybody got used to the drive, they were all great!!

  6. Shannon Ryan Says:

    Soon I will post!

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