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Play Ball!

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Hello, everybody!  I’m hanging in there and having some slow successes with the chronic pain issues.  Blog posting will be sporadic for awhile, but I’m still here.

When I last posted, I mentioned having had to spay Bun Rab, my rescued bunny.  She’s doing great, by the way.  I’ve noticed 3 immediate improvements:

1.  She stopped going into false pregnancies/nesting urges

2.  She is 100% reliable with her litter box now

3.  She seems altogether happier and friskier, now that she’s not driven by reproductive urges

So, it was a good move.

I’m always trying to find ways to provide stimulation and fun for my birds, and now my rabbit.  It’s pretty easy to make a house rabbit happy.  You provide plenty of space, good quality food/hay, a safe environment for resting and eating, and TOYS!  In this case, very cheap ones.  The best ones I’ve found are wadded up pieces of paper packing = play ball!  Here is Bun Rab doing what she enjoys every evening when I come home from work:

YouTube Preview Image

You may hear Bun Rab at the beginning (the reason the camera is all over the place is because she took the camera strap in her mouth and started dragging it).  She makes a low soft rumble.  It seems to be a noise she makes only when she’s having a lot of interactive fun.  The jumping into the air between ball tosses means she’s very happy.  Full blown twisty leaps are called, in besotted rabbit owners’ parlance,  “binkies.”

My birds find BunRab’s antics amusing, but they are so used to them now that they hardly bat an eye, as they’re too busy with their own antics.  (You may note that I’ve installed a folding pet fence around the bird cages.  This fence is to prevent BunRab from chewing on electrical cords under the cages.)