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Art, Interrupted

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

It’s been some time since I last posted a new piece of art.  I apologize for that.  Some chronic pain issues have slowed my output to zero for the last few months and I’m working on getting out from under that situation.  There are some solutions I’m working on, though the results are slow going – but positive!

Meantime, I will continue to periodically post about my menagerie and nature – the elements that always inspire my creativity.

As for my charges here, they are all doing very well.

Bun Rab is recovering from being spayed 1.5 weeks ago, soon to have her stitches removed.  She was constantly going into false pregnancies and losing her good litter habits.  There was another compelling reason to have her spayed:  apparently 80% of unspayed rabbits get reproductive cancers, so this move may insure that she’ll live that much longer and be healthy.

She was one stoned rabbit when I brought her home!  But within 2 days, she was back to her old self and not letting anything stop her from her rabbit routine and her unsatiable curiosity about her surroundings (even when they don’t change!).

She currently has full run of the kitchen during the day.  When I get home from work, she joins the birds in the living room (she can see – and most certainly hear – them from her kitchen), where she sniffs everything and runs back and forth.

Sam continues to enjoy watching her.

Bun Rab has also found out the joys of tunneling through the window curtains and usually includes a session of curtain tunneling each evening.

Chipper, Charlie, and Pippin are doing fine too.  Even Chipper no longer freaks out when Bun Rab explores the living room.  The situation was solved when I bought a folding dog pen.  I place this around the birds’ cages (there are three of them against each other) so that Bun Rab can’t get under their cages.  So now all is well.

I have the fun of a visit with my mother and sister next week and will take off time from work so we can really enjoy our vacation.

And here’s hoping all is well with you too.  Have a good week ahead.

Strutting Tom Turkey

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

I wish I’d had my camera with me when I came across this male turkey displaying his stuff to his female hangers-on!  He was quite gorgeous and Thanksgiving postcard perfect!  Unfortunately, I had only my phone camera to capture him, so the details are very poor.

It was taken around 4:30 pm after a day of heavy rainfall.  There was a brief break in the weather, the sun shone through, and there they were.  Next time, I’ll bring my camera!

Cherry Blossoms

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

I was in Ashland, Oregon today and wandered appreciatively through lovely Lithia Park, where tiny green leaves are sprouting everywhere, and some trees are blossoming – especially these beautiful cherry trees near the Zen garden.

The setting was so lovely!