Le Saleve

Le Saleve (or Mont Saleve) is the first ridge of the Alps rising southeast of Geneva, Switzerland. It looms near the city of Geneva, even though it is in France. (One of the most confusing things to get used to in traveling around Lac Leman is is how often one switches from France to Switzerland to France and back again.)

In this first photo, you can see a small portion of the old town of Geneva on the lower far left.

Le Saleve is a very popular place for weekend jaunts. There are lots of trails, and in the winter there is skiing.

In this next photo you will see down into the valley with Lac Leman spreading out from the city of Geneva. The fountain at the near extreme end of the lake (before it empties into the Rhone River) is called the Jet d’Eau and is one of the landmarks of the Lac.

One of the fun things to watch are the hang gliders floating gracefully over and around Le Saleve.

We spent quite a long time watching these gliders from the summit. Here’s just a tiny snippet I took:

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