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Favorite Links
Favorite Links

I like to share my favorite websites with anyone interested in the topics listed below. I'm a member of a few conservation organizations, but am otherwise not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the sites. I hope you find them helpful and enjoyable.


I live with four lovable, intelligent, sensitive companion parrots. Their welfare and happiness is very important to me. These are my favorite resources. This is the home of the World Parrot Trust which was founded in the UK. The World Parrot Trust recently achieved a longstanding dream of putting into law a ban on importation of parrots from the wild into the European Union (millions of endangered parrots routinely die during such importations). Much work remains for bans to be instituted in other countries. Great resources, information, and safe and responsible products relating to caring for companion parrots.

Wildlife Conservation

Conservation and preservation of wildlife and the environment is high on my list of priorities. These organizations are some of my favorites. Natural Resources Defense Fund - support them if you can. (see above) This is a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in the mountains of southern Oregon. They offer educational programs and tours. Endangered species education, breeding, and protection organization founded by the late great Gerald Durrell, who wrote the wonderful book My Family and Other Animals, an account of his childhood on the Greek island of Corfu.

Gerald Durrell wrote a letter expressing his passion for wildlife and his hopes for the future. This letter was buried in a time capsule at the Trust, and is worth reading:


Some of my favorite images can be found at these sites:

Pennywhistles/Folk Instruments

I love music in most genres, but especially love Irish/Celtic music. I discovered the low-D pennywhistle, which is easy to play and loads of fun. If you surf the web for pennywhistle sites, you will find that whistle players are very generous with their information, experience, and music. There is a ton of free sheet music available on the web, too. Enjoy! Ralph Sweet sells beautiful handcrafted wooden Resonance whistles, as well as Irish flutes. Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments sells all kinds of wonderful folk instruments, including pennywhistles. The latter are made of ABS plastic and are great whistles for beginners as they are affordable and easily transportable - and you can get the low-D whistles with keys (for small hands) or without. They also sell whistles in many different keys. A really fun site dedicated to pennywhistles. Some of my favorite arrangements of Irish music, played by great musicians and singers. What's a xaphoon? Check it out. You'll be surprised.